Ad Council Used Pro Bowl Kiss Cam to Make Powerful PSA for “Love Has No Labels” Campaign (Video)

ad council uses pro bowl kiss cam love has no labels

In 2015 the Ad Council launched a PSA campaign called “Love Has No Labels” in an effort to celebrate love, diversity, and inclusion. On Valentines Day they released the latest installment in the campaign, a new ad called “Fans of Love.”

“The new PSAs, filmed live at the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando in January, put a twist on the traditional kiss cam by replacing it with an unbiased camera that features all forms of love—friendships, families and romantic relationships—across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age,” reads the Ad Council press release. “The goal of the campaign has always been to flood culture with a message of unbiased love, but this year, they’re doing so by actually reframing an iconic part of culture.”

Though it sounds corny, the ad is actually very well done. You may even get some dust in your eyes.

Take a look:

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The Ad Council is a non-profit organization that produces, distributes, and promotes public service announcements on behalf of various non-profits and non-governmental organizations. “Fans of Love” was created pro-bono by advertising agency R/GA.

“‘Fans of Love’ is the next powerful and timely part of our ongoing ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign,” explains Nick Law, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA. “Set at a great American event, the Pro Bowl, it’s a reminder that diversity and acceptance is America at its best. Our agency is proud to be involved in continuing this important message.”

Pretty powerful stuff.

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