Was Super Bowl 51 So Good It Deserves Its Own Movie? A Studio Thinks So…


Sure, the Super Bowl this month was plenty fun to watch, but was it dramatic enough that we really need a movie about it? Especially RIGHT after it just took place?

According to reports by Hollywood trade magazines…yes. Two Oscar-winning writers (Pats fans, I would guess) are working on a script that would focus on Tom Brady’s role in the epic comeback.

I’m sure this will kick off a whole slew of people suggesting who should play Tom Brady in the film (I vote for Jamie Foxx), and also spur a whole wave of “The Pats don’t need this” reactions, but what Hollywood wants, Hollywood gets.

The writers made a name for themselves when they won an Academy Award for The Fighter, so there’s hope this could actually be a good movie, but still – it’s about a Patriots victory that took place less than a month ago. Let’s let it breathe a little.

Not to be undone, there’s also a book about the season in the works from the guy who wrote Boston Strong, which was adapted to become the movie, Patriots Day, which is unfortunate because that would be the perfect title for a New England football book.

Hat Tip – [Deadline]

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