12 Days After Winning Super Bowl, Pats WR Michael Floyd Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail


Before the epic 25-point comeback against the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl 51, New England Patriots WR Michael Floyd was a member of the Arizona Cardinals and he had gotten himself arrested after police officers found him passed out at a traffic light.

Just 12 days after winning the Super Bowl, which he did not play in, Floyd was sentenced to 120 days for his extreme DUI conviction, but he’ll only have to serve 24 of them in jail, with the other 96 coming in home confinement.

“New England Patriots receiver Michael Floyd began a 24-day jail sentence Thursday after pleading guilty to one charge of second-offense extreme DUI (.15-.19), according to the Scottsdale, Arizona, prosecutor.

Floyd’s sentence included 120 days in jail — of which he has to serve 24 in jail and 96 as home detention — $5,115.99 worth of fines and fees, admittance to a court-directed alcohol-education program and 30 hours of community service.”

Floyd becomes a free agent on March 9 and won’t be able to sign with anyone until he’s free from behind bars.

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