Hall of Famer Greg Maddux Goes Undercover to Prank Cubs Star Kris Bryant (Video)

greg maddux undercover pranks kris bryant

Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux was a renowned prankster during his big league career, and he recently turned back time to pull off a pretty good one on Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

Bryant was in his home town of Las Vegas to film a workout video before heading off to join the reigning World Series champs (still can’t believe I’m saying that about the Cubs) in spring training. So Maddux, who also hails from Vegas, conspired with the video’s producers to go undercover as a sound technician during the shoot. He then proceeded to give the 2016 National League MVP some pointers while he took batting practice. And when the college kid pitching to Bryant suddenly had to go, the sound guy volunteered to step in.

Needless to say, Bryant was pretty impressed. Not in a million years did he expecting the sound guy to have such a great curveball. At one point he even says that the sound guy might be better than the college pitcher—which of course, he was, even at the ripe old age of 50.

At the end of the hitting session the sound guy asks for Bryant’s bat and asks him to sign it to Greg Maddux, revealing his true identity.

Take a look:

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By the end, you have to think Bryant knew something weird was going on. But I bet he didn’t think it was Greg Maddux.

Hat Tip – [Sportsnet]

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