HS Basketball Player/Volunteer Firefighter Benched for Game After Saving Man On Frozen Lake (Video)


When you’re in a small town like Clayton, NY, you have to contribute in unexpected ways. So not only was Lucas Patchen on the local high school’s basketball team, but he also worked as a volunteer firefighter for the local folk.

These two jobs came in conflict as he, along with about nine other firefighters, ended up stranded after saving a fisherman who was adrift on an ice floe in a lake.

Sound weird?

Yup. It was weird.

Patchen got back in time for the game, but didn’t drive to the game with an adult or sign in earlier, both team policies.

How dumb is that?

Very dumb, according to Patchen himself, “I showed him a picture that the LifeNet helicopter took of the boat and us out there and he proceeded to tell me that it was an administrative issue and it didn’t have anything to do with him.”

“I was pretty much irritated that the fact that he said that and that I just took my own gas and my own car to Indian River to support the team,” he said after getting benched for saving someone’s life.

I’d be pissed, too.

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