Mike Trout Has a Pretty Intense Offseason Workout Routine (Video)

mike trout offseason workout intense

Mike Trout is coming off his second MVP award in three seasons, and judging from his offseason workout the Angels superstar is already thinking about winning a third.

On Wednesday Trout shared a video on Instagram showing off his offseason workout routine. In the video, we see Trout running sprints…with a 135-pound barbell on his shoulders!

Check it out:

@pdrtrainer with a special send off to #LAAspring…

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I guess after you run with 135 pounds on your shoulders, running without weight feels easy. (I wouldn’t know. Like most people, I’ve never actually tried it.)

Of course, that’s not the only intense workout Mike Trout does. A few weeks ago Trout shared this video:

Wait for it.. FLY @_djcottrell FLY!!

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That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you earn a $144.5 million contract at the age of 23.

Of course, if Trout’s Angels teammate Albert Pujols tried that, his fragile old man legs would shatter into a thousand pieces. Because he’s old.

Good luck in Spring training, Mike.

First full season with these two !!

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