Potential Juror Thought Aaron Hernandez’s Trial Was Somehow Tied To Deflategate

Aaron Hernandez Court Appearance

Having been convicted of Odin Lloyd’s murder already and sentenced to life in prison, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is getting set to face his second murder case stemming from a 2012 double murder Hernandez is accused of committing. 

During jury selection on Friday, one potential female juror was immediately excused after she thought Hernandez’s murder trial was somehow related to the Patriots going through Deflategate.

“I heard something about Deflategate, but that’s it,” the woman said when asked if she was familiar with the case, according to the Boston Herald.

“No, Deflategate has nothing to do with this,” the judge replied as the courtroom erupted in laughter. The blunder made even Hernandez chuckle, the Herald’s Bob McGovern reported. 

It should be noted that his first murder trial started less than two weeks after that infamous DeflateGate game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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