Ricky Williams On How A Difficult Breakup in College Turned Him Into a Proud Weed-Head (Audio)


Before former NFL running back Ricky Williams made it into the league, he was a standout as a Texas Longhorn. During his Heisman Trophy run, Williams broke Tony Dorsett’s 22-year-old NCAA career rushing record and joined Earl Campbell to become the second Texas player to win the Heisman.

He also went through a bad break-up during that year and a smoke session with a friend changed his life forever.

“Then my senior year, running for the Heisman Trophy, I was just having a difficult breakup, I was just really stressed out and having a difficult time. My roommate suggested that I smoke with him and I said sure. It was the first time that I noticed benefits from it in the fact that I could sleep and I wasn’t as stressed, and I could look at things differently and clear my mind and have a more positive outlook.”

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