Cardinals Fans Go OFF on Dexter Fowler For Saying His Family Was Affected By Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

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Newest St. Louis Cardinals player Dexter Fowler is just one of the latest athletes to speak out and express his disappointment at President Donald Trump’s currently stalled travel ban.

Fowler’s wife, Darya Baghbani, was born in Iran, one of seven majority-Muslim countries that Trump’s executive order restricted visas from.

This is what Fowler had to say about the travel ban.

“It’s huge. Especially anytime you’re not able to see family, it’s unfortunate,” Fowler told ESPN.

Cardinals and presumably Trump fans lost their freaking minds and went off on Fowler. The comments were screenshot and shared by the Twitter account @BestFansStLouis, which is an account set up to troll Cards fans, who they claim suck.

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He then took to Twitter after all the hate he was receiving:


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