Hall of Fame Voter Says Terrell Owens Dropped Way Too Many Passes To Be Elected


When former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens took to Twitter and announced that he had been passed over for the Hall of Fame for the second straight year, social media lost its mind and wanted to know why.

The same ‘locker room cancer’ excuses came out once again, but that just didn’t seem like much of an excuse to keep him out. That was until one of them decided to speak out.

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, in a column put out a few days ago, defended the action of the hall of fame committee by claiming that Owens dropped way too many passes.

“New York Daily News writer Manish Mehta claimed those who voted against Owens did so because they were either old, out of touch or suffered from “lazy thinking.” He cited Owens’ stats but conveniently left one big one out: Owens not only led the NFL in drops once, he finished in the top four in drops seven other seasons during his 15-year career.

To help those suffering from “lazy thinking,” let me help you. That means for more than half the years he played, Terrell Owens was annually among the top four receivers in drops. Sorry, but that’s not my definition of “first-ballot Hall of Famer.”

It is not a reason to exclude him either, but it is a reason for having happened to Terrell Owens what happened the past two years, which is to say more deserving players who in many cases were waiting longer went in ahead of him. It doesn’t mean the door is closed. It means there are annually more worthy candidates than seats.

Some critical of Owens’ failure to yet be inducted also cited some examples of “supporters” of Owens’ induction. One I found particularly amusing was those citing Bill Parcells, who said in a radio interview, “I think I would. I think I would. . . . He certainly was highly productive and did some very remarkable things on the field.”

But he also said in the same interview, “There are things that go unseen by the public, and people watching the games — there are things that happen on the field that, even when they happen, the fans and the laymen do not recognize what happens, and in his case, he was somewhat unreliable in some of the things he would do. Sometimes we’d have a route that was called at 12 (yards) and he’d run it at 9 (yards). Well, that disrupts your quarterback and things like that. But that being said, he still was highly productive and I do think he warrants very, very strong consideration. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get in very shortly.””

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