Derrick Lewis KO’s Travis Browne, Calls Him Out For Beating Women, Hollers at Ronda Rousey (Videos)

Derrick Lewis KO

In the most savage as f*ck move of 2017 thus far, UFC heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis knocked out Travis Browne in the second round of their main event at Sunday’s UFC event in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Then, after landing a few extra shots while the referee took his time to step in, Lewis proceeded to continue his barrage on Browne by calling him out during his post-fight interview.

When asked about his thoughts on the fight, Lewis had the following to say about Browne:

“I know I had a bigger heart than him.  You know, he calls himself a man but he likes to put his hands on women.  So forget that guy.  I got much more heart than he has.  Where’s Rond Rousey’s fine ass at?”

Seriously.  Lewis said that.  The woman-beating stuff is a reference to his alleged abuse of his ex-wife.  As for Ronda Rousey‘s place in all of this, she’s currently dating Browne.

Here’s a look at Lewis’ KO of Browne:

And here’s his comments from his post-fight interview: 

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