Emmanuel Sanders’ Estranged Wife Claims He Blew A FORTUNE On Sidechicks, Even Purchasing a Car For One of Them

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Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders is currently going through a divorce with his estranged wife and it is getting really ugly.  His wife, Gabriella, claims he not only cheated with multiple women on her, but he has lied to the Broncos as well about needing to miss a practice.

TMZ has the details:

“The estranged wife of Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders has declared WAR on the NFL star — claiming he lied, cheated and spent THOUSANDS on chicks he was banging on the side. 

It’s all in ANGRY court docs filed by Gabriella Sanders — who blasts the father of her 2 children with a metaphorical bazooka right from the get go. 

“When he’s not playing football on the field, he ‘plays the field’ with numerous women whom he is or has committed adultery.”

Gabby lays out multiple marital “atrocities” allegedly committed by her husband — and claims he 
spent “thousands upon thousands of dollars on girlfriends and wasting the community estate, even purchasing a vehicle for one of his illicit affairs.”

Gabby filed for divorce from Sanders back in October and in the new court docs filed in Texas she says there is ZERO chance of a reconciliation. 

Emmanuel signed a $33 mil extension with the Broncos back in Sept. — with $27 mil fully guaranteed.

But there’s more …

Gabby also claims Emmanuel lied to the Broncos — claiming he told the team he needed to miss a practice in Nov. so he could be in Houston for the birth of their child … which was a lie so he could go out partying.”

Things could get really nasty as this continues and more details arrive.

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