Darrelle Revis Says He’s Better Than Deion Sanders & QB’s Feared Throwing His Way in His Prime


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While currently dealing with a late night street fight on the Southside of Pittsburgh from last week, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis found time to respond to a troll on Instagram who questioned his playing ability.

Revis had this to say on his verified Instagram account on Feb. 11:

“(Rod and/or Charles) Woodson, ty (Law), or champ (bailey) has done what I’ve done period,” Revis posted on his verified account. “I had better stats then Deion so know your facts before you start chiming in. But you alongside everybody else tries to judge someone off one season. Look @ the body of work I’ve done in a shorter period of time. Plus Qb feared to even throw my side so clearly that’s why my ints are not in the 50 plus category like some of the guys you previously named.”


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