Could Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey Really Be Worth $500,000?

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A police report has officially been filed in the hunt for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey, and TMZ has come across the police report. Tom Brady himself is listed as the victim and the jersey is listed as having a value of $500,000.

Of course, this police report is bad news for the person who stole it for two reasons. First, because it means they could go to jail for first-degree felony theft if they get caught with it.

Secondly, the police report officially makes this jersey “hot,” which means that the seller can’t go through traditional channels to hock it, instead having to hang on to it or use black market channels.

That said, this report will likely get the perp to lay low with their spoils for a while rather than shop around, so it’s possible the public police report will actually make this elusive jersey even harder to find than it otherwise would have been.

Here’s a look at the police report for Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey:

Tom Brady jersey police report

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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