Atlanta Braves Video of Bartolo Colon Photo Shoot Almost Too Sexy for Internet (Video)

braves bartolo colon photo shoot sexy

Back in November the Atlanta Braves signed a pair of starting pitchers with a combined age of 85. One is named Dickey. The other is nicknamed Big Sexy.

No one’s really sure what the hell the Braves are trying to do by signing R.A. Dickey, 42, and Bartolo Colon, 43. Are they trying to fill the back end of their rotation with veterans who can mentor the up-and-comers while also eating up a good 400 innings? Or are they trying to sign the sexiest silver foxes in Major League Baseball?

Based on the video the Braves tweeted out on Tuesday, I’m going to have to go with the latter. It’s a montage of footage from Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon’s photo day sessions. They rubbed some vaseline on the camera lens, applied a sepia filer, turned on the smooth jazz, and—voila!—sexy Bartolo Colon video.

See for yourself:

Of course, if Braves fans think that’s sexy, wait until they see this guy hit…

Or run…

Or, hell, just warm up…

Hopefully the Braves will tweet a sexy Dickey video soon.

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