Japanese Pool Player Naoyuki Oi Gives One of the Greatest Interviews of All Time (Video)

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Meet Naoyuki Oi. He’s a professional pool player from Japan, and he recently gave two of the greatest postgame interviews in the history of postgame interviews.

The first interview came on Saturday, after Naoyuki defeated Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Yu Hsuan at the World Pool Master tournament in Gibraltar. Sky Sports reporter Tony Wrighton asks Naoyuki to talk about the match. However, Naoyuki barely speaks English. So instead of answering the question, he just launches into a string of phrases.

“My name is Naoyuki Oi. Today I am very, very lucky. Congratulations me! Yay! English a little. No problem. Only so.”

At that point the audience is cracking up. But Wrighton decides to proceed with a followup question, so Naoyuki responds with his very own rendition of the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song.

Take a look:


Unfortunately, on Sunday Naoyuki Oi was eliminated from the World Pool Master tournament in the quarterfinals. However, he gave one more interview to Tony Wrighton before heading back to Japan. This time Wrighton doesn’t even try to ask any questions. He just lets Naoyuki do his thing. And as a result the sequel was even better than the original.

See for yourself:

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Naoyuki Oi is basically the Munenori Kawasaki of professional pool. I for one cannot wait for next year’s World Pool Master, or any other tournament that gives us the chance to see this guy in action again.

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