Police Release Footage of Incident Involving Officer, Steelers’ Joey Porter (Video)


After eliminating the Miami Dolphins from the playoffs last month, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB and current assistant coach Joey Porter went out to celebrate and had a altercation with a police officer that resulted in him being arrested.

This is how the incident played out:

“The incident began when a Pittsburgh police officer working an off-duty security detail at The Flats bar on East Carson tried to intervene in an argument between Porter and a security guard outside, according to the complaint.

Officer Paul Abel said that as he approached Porter, who was “clearly trying to bully his way into the establishment,” he heard the doorman, Jon Neskow, say, “Last time you were here, you threatened to kill me. You need to leave. You are not getting in.”

Porter then lunged at Neskow and grabbed him by the arms, lifting him off the ground, Abel wrote. Abel and a group of men with Porter pulled the coach off Neskow.

“I placed my hands on Porter’s chest to prevent him from advancing back toward Neskow,” Abel wrote. “Porter grabbed both of my wrists, pushing them back toward me. Porter’s grasp was so strong and he was holding my wrists so tightly that I could not pull them away from him, no matter how hard I tried.”

Abel noted in the complaint that he is 5-feet, 6-inches tall and about 145 pounds.

According to the complaint, Porter eventually released Abel’s wrists and began walking in the middle of East Carson Street, ignoring commands to stop and shouting, “No, you are going too far now,” and “I didn’t do anything.”

Backup arrived, and Abel handcuffed Porter — who continued to yell, “You’re lying, I never touched you,” — without incident, according to the complaint.”

On Tuesday, Pittsburgh police posted video of the altercation outside a bar that led to his arrest.

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