The Rock’s HBO Doc About Turning Lives of Young Felons Around Just Released a Trailer (Video)

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Those familiar with the Rock’s early years know that he was an at-risk youth who managed to find a productive outlet for himself in sports. But many others aren’t so lucky, so Dwayne Johnson has taken to visiting the young felons at Miami-Dade County Correction Center to ensure they don’t go back to their old ways.

HBO chronicled his trips in the upcoming Rock and a Hard Place, the trailer of which was just released:

Says The Rock:

A look at one of the most hard core and successful boot camp prisons in the world (an astonishing 9% recidivism rate, while the national prison rate is 70+%). The moment I stepped inside, spent time with and spoke to these incarcerated young men, I felt in my heart the world should see their struggle and hopefully witness their triumph. I was arrested multiple times starting at the age of 13yrs old. I was once in their shoes, but I changed and I know some of these young men can too. It’s a powerful documentary that’ll hit you to the core. Can’t wait for you to see it.




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