University of Michigan Fantasy Football Loser Had to Recreate Music Video for Cassie’s ‘Me & U’ (Video)

michigan fantasy football loser recreates cassie video

Every year the punishments for finishing last in fantasy football leagues get more creative. They also get more severe. If this trend continues, people might have to start seriously considering whether fantasy football is worth the risk of internet humiliation.

I bet the guy in this video wishes he had stopped to consider it. His name is Jake Schreiman. He’s a student at the University of Michigan. He finished last in his fantasy football league. And, as a punishment, he had to do a shot-for-shot remake of the music video for Cassie‘s 2006 hit “Me & U.”

Take a look. Jake is the one on the right, just in case you’re having trouble telling them apart:

As far as fantasy football punishments go, I’d say that one falls somewhere in the middle. It’s worse than having to spend 30 hours in a Waffle House. It’s not nearly as bad as having to recreate an iconic image from the ESPN the Magazine Body Issue.

Kudos to Jake for being a good sport, though. He really put his all into that remake. I’m sure Cassie thought it was fantastic. Maybe if he tweets at her she’ll go on a date with him.

Hat Tip – [Coed]

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