Cornerman Rushes in to Save Fighter in Guillotine Choke After MMA Ref Falls Asleep on the Job (Video)

cornerman rushes in to save mma fighter ref asleep on job

A cornerman at a Super Fight League event in India last Friday had to rush into the octagon after the referee completely failed to notice that one of the fighters had lost consciousness.

The fight in question was between Asha Roka and Hannah Kampf. Just 20 seconds into Round 1, Roka gets Kampf in a tight guillotine choke hold, putting her opponent to sleep almost immediately. However, while Kampf’s legs and right arm go completely limp, the referee was apparently fixated on her left arm, which was spasming, giving the impression that she was still fighting to break free.

Kampf was not struggling to break free, though. Had the referee moved in a little closer so he could see her face, he would have seen she was out like a light.

Eventually Kampf’s cornerman realizes the referee is not going to do anything, so he jumps into the octagon to put an end to the terrifying fight.

Have a look:

It took approximately 16 seconds from the time Kampf was knocked out to the time her cornerman jumped in to stop the fight. Suffice it to say, she’s very lucky those weren’t the last 16 seconds of her life.

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