Kyle Korver Shares Story About Allen Iverson Being Forced To Come off Bench For Not Showing Up to Practice (Audio)

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When you bring up practice and Allen Iverson, everyone immediately remembers that infamous press conference when he went off about showing up or not showing up. (“Practice?  We’re talking ’bout practice?”)

Kyle Korver was a member of the Philadelphia 76ers when Iverson was still there and in his prime, and he recently told a hilarious story from his rookie season while on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye‘s “Road Trippin'” podcast this week.

The story is centered around another epic interview Iverson had that Korver calls “the best interview I have ever heard in my whole life”—after skipping a practice:

(The story begins around the 26-minute mark)

For All-Star break, coach (Chris) Ford was like, “If you’re not back for practice at a certain time, you’re not going to start the next game.” He was really talking to A.I., right, the rest of us were gonna be there. And so A.I., he just didn’t come at all. The next game was our game in Denver … and coach Ford was just like, “You’re not gonna start,” and (Iverson) was like, “Well, I’m not gonna play,” and he was like, “OK.”

… So we’re in this gym and he comes up to do his interview, so I’m kind of behind him and I’m pretending like I’m shooting baskets because I want to hear everything that he’s saying. I’m shooting like two-foot shots just working on my form so I can hear him. He’s like, “I don’t know no former eight-time scoring champ that come off the bench. I don’t know no former 10-time All-Star that come off the bench. I don’t know no former MVP that come off the bench. I don’t know no former Olympian that come off the bench.”

And this dude read his whole resume right off. “Why’s it always Allen Iverson’s fault?” I was like, “This is amazing!” And it got no love. It wasn’t picked up on SportsCenter or anything.

Here’s the interview Korver was referring to:

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