Richard Jefferson Mocks Kyrie Irving with “Flat World Champions” T-Shirt (Pic)

Richard Jefferson

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Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has been taking a lot of heat since revealing last week that he is a flat-earth truther. Sure, a few people have voiced their support for Kyrie in his brave decision to come forth an expose this vast global conspiracy. One of those people is Golden State Warriors designated nut-kicker Draymond Green. But most people have just made fun of Kyrie—including, now, his very own teammate, Richard Jefferson.

It was Jefferson and Channing Frye, you will recall, with whom Kyrie first shared his flat-earth beliefs. That was on last week’s edition of their “Road Trippin” podcast. Jefferson has since gone on record praising Irving for trying to “open people’s thoughts and people’s minds.”

However, on an Instagram Live broadcast for this week’s edition, Richard Jefferson teased (or mocked) Irving by wearing a “Flat World Champions” t-shirt.

Take a look:


That shirt, because I know you want one, is from the folks over at Fresh Brewed Tees.

It’s $26.99 and comes in five sizes. Get yours while supplies last.

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