Rick Pitino Calls Tar Heels Fan a ‘Coward’ For Yelling “You Suck” at Him During Halftime (Video)


Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino was not in a good mood headed into halftime at Chapel Hill on Wednesday night for various reasons. As he made his way into the tunnel, a Tar Heels fan yelled out ‘You Suck’ and it set Pitino off as he had to be restrained by assistant coaches from going after that fan.


After losing 74-63, Pitino was asked about the confrontation.  He called the fan who got ejected a ‘Coward’ for yelling that and then turning his back on him.

“He just got in my face and said something I didn’t like. But, you know, I take it from the students all the time. I expect it from students. But from an adult? And then turns his back on me like he’s a coward. And he is a coward!”


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