Sacramento Radio Host Kept Off the Air After Railing Vlade Divac and Kings for Cousins Trade (Audio)

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Damen Barling was served what seems to be a one day suspension for being very, very mad at the Kings’ lopsided (not in a good way) trade that sent DeMarcus Cousins to the Hornets.

Here’s the audio of his rant from Monday, which, let’s face it, isn’t wrong.

The radio show host on The Lo-Down said of Divac specifically:

“In every single way imaginable. That dude is not fit to be the general manager of a basketball team. This is real life. You just heard a general manager say publicly at a press conference, ‘We had a better deal two days ago.’ You moron! You can’t say that! ‘Oh, why didn’t you wait till Thursday?’ ‘Oh, ’cause we had a better deal two days ago?'”

I guess calling the guy a “moron” is a bit out of bounds, but he was speaking for a lot of fans when he said that.

The host will be back on Thursday, having already been sidelined for Wednesday’s show.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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