Female Basketball Player Ties Shoe While Bringing Ball Up Court, Pays for That Mistake (Video)

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A Northwestern player learned that multitasking isn’t always the best idea, especially when those two tasks are “tying your shoe” and “dribbling the basketball while it’s in play.”

Something had to give, right.

Well, yeah.

Maybe not the best time to tie your shoe… #SCNotTop10

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Focusing on the shoe thing, Ashley Deary just sort of let the ball lie about three feet in front of her, allowing a Rutgers player to steal the ball, but not before bodychecking her in the process.

No word on whether Deary was able to finish tying her shoe before the unfortunate turn of events, but I’m sure she was pulled from the game quickly enough to get the chance.

The Wildcats won handily, but this remains the highlight of the game.

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