Oh, No! Tickets to Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Exclusive’ Birthday Party Are Now Available on Groupon

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I can’t think of anything more insulting to Floyd Mayweather and his infatuation with being the richest, most famous guy in the room than what’s happening with his birthday party tickets. Apparently slow to sell at face value ($43), they’re now marked down to $30 on Groupon.

Any takers at $30? Maybe, but you have to admit that a VIP, exclusive, red carpet, bottle service, paparazzi, etc., party is a lot more appealing when it isn’t for sale at a discount next to piano lessons and a book of coupons for five foot massages.

Of course, this is Floyd Mayweather’s birthday in Long Island City, so who knows if the man will even show up? I wouldn’t count on it, but for $30, fans might take their chances.

Or you could realize that Mayweather’s a terrible person and enjoy a nice night out with actual friends. You don’t even need to buy a ticket for that.

If you do want to buy a discounted ticket for Mayweather’s birthday bash, however, you can do so here.

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