Apparently Ninja Warrior UK Likes to Do Things a Little Differently (Pics)

ninja warrior uk fail

Did you know there’s a British version of American Ninja Warrior? Because there is, although they’ve obviously dropped the American part. The show is called Ninja Warrior UK.

Anyway, this week Ninja Warrior UK had its season finale. But unfortunately the contestants’ performances were overshadowed by a very careless production choice.

You see, in between segments, the show would flash title cards up on the screen announcing which stage they were in. They read, “The Final Stage 1,” “The Final Stage 2,” and so on. However, the font they used for these cards made the word “final” looklike a different word. And that gave the title cards very different meanings.

Take a look at this video and see if you can figure out the problem:

That’s right. As many viewers noticed, “Final Stage” looked very much like “Anal Stage”:

Now, as intriguing as an “Anal Stage” would be, I have a feeling the producers of Ninja Warriors UK would probably prefer to keep the program PG.

Next time take a closer look at those title cards, folks.

Hat Tip – [Metro]

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