UofL Student That Hit Half-Court Shot For $38K Won’t Get it Because He Played HS B-Ball


Just a few days ago during halftime at Thursday’s University of Louisville women’s basketball game, Louisville student Jackson Logsdon hit a half-court shot that earned him $38,000 through the Progressive Student Shot Challenge.

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He’ll never see that money.

Despite hitting a layup, free throw, three pointer and the half-court shot to get the cash, he was later told that he cannot receive the money because he played basketball in high school. He was told he was not eligible to get the cash, nor was he eligible to participate because he played High School Basketball within the last 6 years.

U of L athletics spokesman Ira Green confirmed the details in an email Friday, writing, “The contest was administered by Million Dollar Media, and unfortunately, the student didn’t meet a couple of the stipulations, which are very specific. However, we are excited for him and are working on some items, so he doesn’t go away empty handed.”

Logsdon, a sophomore at U of L, said he played basketball for three years in high school and mostly came off the bench his senior year. Thursday was his first time participating in a half-court shot contest.

“It is a huge bummer as I am an out-of-state student,” Logsdon told the Courier-Journal in an email Friday. “It would have went a long way to paying off student loans and anything in that manner. It was still an awesome experience and something I’ll never forget. Very bittersweet though.”

“When the shot left my hands I knew it had a chance and when it went in I can’t explain the excitement and thrill I felt,” he said. “It was a total out of body experience that I’ll remember forever.”


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