Johnny Manziel Rips The NFL in Court: ‘They’ve Screwed Over Players’ (Video)

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Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is attempting to change his life and get his NFL career back on track, but trashing the league is not the way to go.

During his domestic violence case, Manziel told the judge he doesn’t always trust the league based on the way it’s mistreated other players. 

TMZ has some background on the situation and what else was said in court:

One of the stipulations in Johnny’s plea deal was to either participate in the NFL’s substance abuse program OR go to rehab at a court approved location.

Johnny didn’t tell the court which one he was choosing by the deadline and he addressed the judge in open court to explain himself Tuesday.

Manziel essentially blamed the whole thing on a miscommunication with the NFL — and then went on to say the following:

“I don’t necessarily always believe in what the NFL does and have a lot of trust with them based on past situations … based on other players how they’ve gotten treated.”

Manziel says working with the NFL and the NFL Players Association was a “slippery thing” for me … but says he was ultimately able to get everything on track.

He added, “My life is trending upwards.”

The judge ended the exchange by telling Manziel he’s rooting for him in life — but reminded him to focus on successfully completing his program.

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