Lavar Ball Wants All His Sons to Play For Lakers So They Can Change The Face of NBA

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LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA phenom Lonzo Ball and two other younger phenoms in high school, has been talking up a storm and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, despite people telling him to do so.

“Here’s the thing right here. I know what my son’s about. He knows what I’m about. Now, all these people saying, ‘Oh, LaVar needs to shut up and let his son just play.’ No. You shut up and let my son just play. I’m going to say whatever I want to say, and I’ve been like this all my life. Everybody expects this right now, Keyshawn, for me to back up. They can go and do what they do. I’m not backing up. I’ve been in my son’s life all this time. He would be thinking differently if I didn’t say anything.”

Just one day after stating he would pursue his own brand for his sons if shoe companies didn’t give him a great deal, he spoke with LA Times and talked about wanting all of his sons on the Los Angeles Lakers, because it would change the face of the NBA.

“I think if all three of my boys get on the Lakers somehow, they would change the NBA,” he said. “There’s a way it could happen.”

“I’m going to speak it into existence,” LaVar Ball said Monday in a phone interview with The Times.

“Lonzo will make D’Angelo [Russell] the ultimate scorer as a two guard,” LaVar said. “He’ll make [Brandon] Ingram a nice slasher. He’ll make [Julius] Randle want to run the court.”

As bad as the Lakers franchise is right now, they may land at least one Ball brother. The others will most definitely have to go there in free agency, but don’t hold your breath.

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