Report: Kirk Cousins Would Only Accept Trade To 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins

Reports surfaced on Monday that the Washington Redskins will use the franchise tag to retain QB Kirk Cousins for the second time. According to ESPN’s John Keim, the Redskins’ best option would be to trade him, but Cousins would only accept a trade to the San Francisco 49ers, according to sources.

“According to multiple people, Cousins likes playing in Washington. According to multiple people in the organization, the team truly likes Cousins. But the leverage Cousins enjoys isn’t about to change, and the Redskins clearly aren’t prepared to pay him what he thinks he can get.

..There’s only one team Cousins will sign with right now, according to one source: San Francisco. So Washington doesn’t have much bargaining power with other teams. This isn’t just about Cousins maximizing his financial value; it’s about putting himself in the best position. Reuniting with a coach (Kyle Shanahan) who loves you in an offense you love? That’s a win-win for Cousins. But it’s a tough way for the Redskins to maximize his trade value on the market.”

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