Soccer Player Francis Kone Saves Opponent’s Life on the Field After Terrifying Collision (Video)

soccer player francis kone saves opponents life

Francis Kone, a Togo international who plays for Czech club Slovacko, has been credited with saving an opponent’s life during a game against Bohemians 1905 on Saturday.

About 28 minutes into the match, Bohemians goalkeeper Martin Berkovec collided with teammate Daniel Krch at the edge of the 18-yard box and collapsed like a sack of potatoes. Kone, who was right behind Krch in pursuit of a loose ball, stood up and immediately noticed that Berkovec was not in good shape. When he bent down to take a closer look, Kone realized Berkovec was choking on his own tongue. So as Berkovec laid motionless on the field, Kone reached into his mouth and pulled out his tongue.

Take a look:

Berkovec and Krch were both taken to the hospital. Fortunately, 50 minutes into the match the PA announcer informed fans that both players were okay, which prompted a big round of applause.

After the game, Bohemians coach Miroslav Koubek praised Kone’s quick thinking.

“I would like to put sport to one side and thank Kone, who provided first aid,” Koubek said. “He acted very professionally in the situation, administered first aid and retrieved his tongue. As far as I’m concerned, that was more important than the whole game.”

Martin Berkovec took to Facebook to express his appreciation.

“I would like to thank Francis Kone for his quick action in saving me during today’s match,” the 28-year-old goalie wrote. “I am grateful for the prompt help, and once again THANK YOU!!!”

As for Kone, apparently this is something that happens to him quite often.

“It wasn’t the first time I have done that,” he explained after the match. “It’s something like the fourth time. Twice in Africa, once in Thailand.”

Sounds like Kone always happens to be in the right place at the right time. Kind of like Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne. Hmm.

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