There’s a Top Ranked Utah HS Basketball Player Named ‘Stockton Malone Shorts’

If you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City, or anywhere else in Utah, you’ll find out just how much they absolutely love legendary Utah Jazz players John Stockton and Karl Malone. Even though the pair never delivered a championship (thanks to Michael Jordan), they will forever be legends around town.

A couple in that area loved them both so much that they named their son after them.  Now, he’s one of the top ranked players in the entire country.

The name of this 18-year-old Copper Hills High School guard? Stockton Shorts. Middle name, Malone.


Stockton Malone Shorts was born in October 1998, just 4 months after Jordan hit that infamous game winning shot in the Finals to end his career with the Chicago Bulls.

Shorts’ mother, Kelly, says she just happened to meet both superstars and that was enough for her to name her kid after them both, she told the Salt Lake Tribune’s Kurt Kragthorpe in 2015.


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