This Adorable 8-Year-Old Dancing Goalie Is The New Undisputed Champion Of The Internet (Video)

noah- young 8 year-old dancing goalie

Dancing and sports is alway a good combination, but it’s especially good when the dancer is an 8-year-old hockey goalie.

Allow me to introduce you to Noah Young. He is 8 years old, he’s a goalie for the Brampton 45s in Southern Ontario, and now he’s also an internet sensation after somebody recorded his on-ice dance to “Juju On That Beat” by Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCallk:

Hell. Yes. This kid is awesome. And this video of him dancing has now been viewed millions of times across multiple platforms.

According to Noah’s mom, Paige Rowswell, the footage is from a game this past Saturday.

“Everybody on the team knows him as a dancing goalie,” Rowswell told CBC. “When he’s on the bench, you will always see him dance.”

Of course, Noah’s moves didn’t come out of nowhere. Last year he started taking hip-hop dance classes. But his mom didn’t think the dance classes would lead to her son becoming a social media star.

“I’m kind of speechless,” says Rowswell. “My girlfriends keep messaging me and messaging me. This is kind of insane.”

Rowswell is right. It is insane. And it is awesome. Just think of the perfect ice-breaker this kid is going to have on every first date he ever goes on. “When I was a kid I became an internet sensation when a video of me dancing in my goalie equipment went viral.”

The ladies are going to love it. I wish I was this kid.

Hat Tip – [CBC]

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