Alexander Burmistrov Stretchered Off Ice After Clean But Scary Hit By Bruins Colin Miller (Video)

alexander burmistrov stretchers off ice scary hit

Terrifying moment from the Bruins-Coyotes game in Boston on Tuesday.

Four minutes into the second period, Bruins defenseman Colin Miller absolutely leveled Coyotes center Alexander Burmistrov with a devastating hit at the Coyotes blue line. Burmistrov then collapsed to the ice like a bag of bricks and just laid there, crumpled in half, barely moving, while Miller got tackled by Burmistrov’s teammate Jakob Chychrun.

Of course, instead of showing any concern whatsoever for the player lying injured on the ice, Boston Bruins announcers Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley spent the first 30 seconds after the hit defending Miller.

They were right about the hit. Make no mistake. It was not dirty. Miller did not leave his feet or target the head. However, when a guy is laying on the ice with a potentially career-threatening injury, the appropriate thing to do is shut the hell up for a few minutes, or at least adopt a more somber tone. Instead Brickley just goes on and on about what a great hit it was until he looks up and sees them bringing out the stretcher.

Take a look:

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The good news is that Burmistrov is okay. After being removed from the ice on a stretcher he was taken to a Boston hospital for evaluation. However, he was discharged a few hours later and allowed to rejoin the team.

Burmistrov himself even took to Snapchat to give fans an update on his status:


After the game Coyotes coach Dave Tippett acknowledged that Miller’s hit was clean.

“He was in a vulnerable position, but it’s a hockey hit. Burmy’s head is down, and it’s a hard hit. You never like to see anybody get hurt, but I don’t think it was an intentional hit to hurt somebody.”

Miller still reached out to Burmistrov via text after the game. According to’s Joe Haggarty, there were no hard feelings.

Burmistrov is definitely lucky to come away from this unscathed.

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