Dad Tackles BMX Rider at Skate Park After Minor Collision with His Son (Video)


As you might imagine, skate parks are recipes for disaster. There are tons of little kids learning how to skate, bike, and scooter, nobody’s paying attention, and there are ramps and pits everywhere.

Fortunately, though, kids are resilient, so an accident isn’t really a big deal…Unless, of course, you’re this super-unchill dad who thinks the best way to solve a problem is to tackle the BMX rider who bumped your kid and apologized.

Well, that guy’s not very cool. Apparently the dad issued a half-hearted apology to the kid he floored an hour later, but…come on.

It’s a skate park. These things happen. The rider was trying to apologize when he got decked. Hopefully the dad of the skateboarder sees this video A LOT and feels pretty stupid for being such a jerk.

Hat Tip – [NewsHub]

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