Reggie Bush Refusing to Pay Child Support to Side Chick Because She Took His $3M & Didn’t Have Abortion


OH…. Just in case you’re behind on this story, let’s get you up to speed.

It was reported back in November that Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush, who is married to Lilit Avagyan, took a major L by having allegedly gotten another woman pregnant—Monique Exposito, who is also married. He not only may have gotten his side-chick pregnant, but he also gave her $3 million to keep quiet and get an abortion. She did neither and kept his money.

Fast forward to March and Exposito has since had the child. According to recent reports, Bush is hesitant on paying any type of child support if the child is indeed his, because she took $3M of his money and didn’t get the agreed upon abortion.

“The woman who allegedly gave birth to Reggie Bush’s out of wedlock child last month said he’s balking at paying more money for the baby.

Monique Exposito told her friends and family that Bush is now playing financial hardball after she allegedly broke the terms of a confidentiality agreement between the pair about their encounters.

Exposito gave birth to Preston Alexander Exposito on Super Bowl Sunday after allegedly having two trysts with Bush. In exchange for Exposito’s silence and aborting the baby, Bush allegedly agreed to pay her some $3 million, a source with knowledge of the situation told BOSSIP.

But she said the Buffalo Bills player is dragging his heels in paying her any more money after a series of stories about their alleged liaisons appeared in the media, the source said. The source added that the pair aren’t seeing eye to eye on future support payments, and Bush has balked at what Exposito is asking for.”

This is the list of athletes that she’s slept with and plans on testing to see who is the father of her child:

Alonzo Mourning
Boxer Steed Woodall
Marlins Giancarlo Stanton
Reggie Bush
Her Husband Alex Bastin

Having already taken Reggie Bush’s $3 million as his career winds down, her leading candidate to be the father is Giancarlo Stanton because he recently signed a $325 million contract with the Marlins.

Monique Exposito…


Reggie Bush’s wife, Lilit Avagyan: