‘The Big Beertha’ is a Beer Bong Made Especially for the Golf Course…Classy! (Video)

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In case drinking beers regularly over the course of four hours doesn’t get you where you need to be, a new invention will help you find a buzz by the third hole.

It’s called the Big Beertha, and it’s a golf-club-shaped beer bong that allows you to (somewhat) discreetly pound a beer on the course.

It’s currently in Kickstarter mode (I guess because this has some surprising start-up costs I wasn’t aware of?). But it’s only $34, so go grab it.

Here are some more details, via its Kickstarter page:

The Big Beertha club head is designed to easily hold 12 oz, while the shaft is clear acrylic, allowing onlookers to view the impressive flow of liquid, similar to a traditional beer bong. The shaft will be threaded, and will easily screw into or out of the club head for cleaning purposes.

If those videos don’t give you a good enough idea on whether or not this thing is for the golfer in your life…it probably isn’t.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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