Hall of Fame Voter Says Terrell Owens Won’t Get in Until He Learns How to Shut Up

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A few weeks ago, former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens took to Social Media and stated he had been passed over for the Hall of Fame for the second straight year.  He then went on to vent his frustration to anyone who would listen.

According to one anonymous hall of fame voter, that’s one of their biggest issues with him—he won’t stop talking.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News recently shared a story regarding the gold jacket Owens previously said he ordered for himself.

“Citing a Hall of Famer who for some reason insisted on anonymity (at least Bill Polian has the balls to put his name to his criticism of Owens), Myers writes that Owens told the unnamed Hall of Famer that Owens had his career statistics placed on the back of the jacket. The unnamed Hall of Famer, who scoffed at the gesture, had some advice for Owens.

“I told him he is dividing the selection committee just like he divided locker rooms,” the unnamed Hall of Famer said. “I told him to be quiet, let the process work and he will get in.”

“Owens is not going about this the right way,” Myers writes. “The more he criticizes the process, or says it’s no longer important to him, the harder he makes it for himself. Just like he alienated his quarterbacks, particularly Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, the anti-T.O. voters are becoming even more entrenched in their position by Owens’ insults and the insults of the non-voters in the media who are campaigning for his election.”

Basically, shut up, make us feel good about ourselves,and you’ll get elected to the hall of fame. Unfortunately, Owens might not get in for a while because he shuts up for no one.

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