Johnny Manziel’s Comeback Is Sounding More and More Real Every Day (Tweets)

Johnny Manziel

It wasn’t very long ago that Johnny Manziel’s return to the NFL seemed like a farfetched dream. But since the last season ended, he’s done a pretty good job of staying out of the public eye, which is a great first step. Since then, he’s taken a number of other key steps as well, like re-signing with his agent and, you know, training.

Real interest? Is Manziel that good? Or is the QB market that bad? Fortunately for Johnny, it’s probably both.

Of course, he could still face a domestic violence suspension from the league should he be asked to return by a team, which makes him a little less desirable than if he were free and clear.

All said and done, it would be nice to see him turn his life around and put his demons behind him, even if that’s not in the NFL. But based on the way things are going…it might be. We’ll know more as we inch towards the draft and summer camps.

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