Sumo Wrestler Gets Knocked the F*%# Out by Violent Collision (Video)

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You rarely see sumo wrestlers get knocked out. The reason for this is that, like all forms of wrestling, there is no punching or kicking in sumo.

However, sumo does have violent collisions. And where there are violent collisions anything can happen.

Just take a look at this video. It’s from a match between Tomisakae Ryutaro, who weighs in at 110kg, and Musashikuni Mamu, who weighs in at a much heftier 145kg. Poor Tomisakae Ryutaro gets knocked out just seconds into the match after his head collides with the forearm of Musashikuni Mamu.

Ryutaro immediately falls to the ground after the collision. He then tries two times to get back onto his feet. But both times he swoons and falls back down.

Eventually the referee has no choice but the call the match. Take a look:

This video is going viral now, but it first appeared on the interwebs back in January. The technique employed by Mamu is called kachi-age (搗ち上げ).

According to Wikipedia, the leading authority on sumo wrestling for non-Japanese speakers, kachi-age is a “technique where the wrestler folds his arms and rushes forward to hit opponent’s chest or chin to make his posture upright. This is most commonly done at the tachi-ai and can also result in stunning the opponent. Literally translates as striking upward. The first kanji character is uncommon and is also the one used to describe polishing rice or pounding mochi cakes.”

So there you have it. KO via tachi-age. Makes you want to watch more sumo, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Seven Sport]

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