Jeanie Buss Requested a Restraining Order Against Her Brothers When They Tried to Take Over Lakers

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It’s been almost two weeks since Los Angeles Lakers part owner and President Jeanie Buss turned the sports world upside down when she announced the firings of GM Mitch Kupchak and her brother Jim Buss. According to recent reports, that was just the tip of the iceberg as the family seems to be at war with each other over the state of the franchise.

Jeanie requested a restraining order to block an attempt from her brothers, Jim and Johnny, to dethrone her as part owner and President of the franchise.

Los Angeles Times has the details:

Attorneys for Jeanie Buss sought a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles County Superior Court to prevent the brothers from holding a meeting next week to elect a new board of directors for the team.

The brothers proposed four directors, according to court records, but didn’t include her. In order to be the controlling owner, she has to be a director.

“This is no doubt the beginning and not the end of the game-playing,” said Adam Streisand, the attorney for Jeanie Buss. “They don’t have a legal leg to stand on. This is a legal strategy doomed for failure.”

The brothers cancelled the meeting and signed a document late Thursday reelecting Jeanie Buss as controlling owner. Streisand questioned the validity of the document and doesn’t believe the larger issue has been resolved. Her attorneys withdrew the motion for a restraining order during a hearing in court Friday.

“Both Jim Buss and Johnny Buss had hoped that any issues would be handled within the family,” said Robert Sacks, an attorney for the brothers.

Sacks disputed that the brothers were doing anything to thwart Jeanie Buss and said she “inexplicably rushed to court.”

He added: “There are no issues.”

“An injunction is necessary to prevent irreparable injury to the Lakers,” the court filing said. “A new Controlling Owner would have the power to make changes that could cause serious and irreversible damage to the Lakers basketball team and to the brand, particularly at this key juncture when Petitioner has taken significant steps to attempt to reverse the harm done by Jim.”

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