Reggie Bush’s Wife Says They’re Having 3rd Baby After His Side-Chick Just Gave Birth Last Month


I don’t know if congratulations are in order or…?

Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush has been dealing with a pesky side-chick since last November after he allegedly got her pregnant, and gave her $3-million to keep it quiet and get an abortion.  She did neither, and gave birth last month to his possible child.

We say possible child because she has an exclusive list of athletes that could be that child’s father:

Alonzo Mourning
Boxer Steed Woodall
Marlins Giancarlo Stanton
Reggie Bush
Her Husband Alex Bastin

On Friday, his wife Lilit Avagyan, took to Instagram to announce the ‘happy couple’ is having their third child together.



Reggie wife Lilit Avagyan:

Lilit-Avagyan-Reggie-Bush-2 Lilit-Avagyan-Reggie-Bush-3 Lilit-Avagyan-Reggie-Bush-4 Lilit-Avagyan-Reggie-Bush-5 Lilit-Avagyan-Reggie-Bush-e1424274815696

Reggie sidechick Monique Exposito…


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