Larsa Pippen & Scottie Officially Back Together After She Cheated & Forgave Him For Filing For Divorce


Top 50 greatest NBA player of all-time shouldn’t be treated like this, but it is cheaper to keep her.

Larsa Pippen, the estranged wife of former NBA player Scottie Pippen, stepped out on her marriage after she cheated with rapper Future. Once she got it out of her system and Future became bored with her, Scottie was eager to take her back and fix his broken marriage.

Pippen had to deal with constant trolling from Future after he dropped a song about their affair called ‘Rent Money’.

I fucks R&B b*tches, should thank you
Them bricks coming in like the John Doe crew
They put a number on your head, they tryna stank you
I’m ‘bout to take ‘em out the game, n*gga fuck you
They got me goin’ insane, now it’s fuck you
I let my brother fuck your b*tch, he got the dog food
I damn near get half a ticket for a walk through
I fuck dem Super Bowl b*tches down in Houston
I got this westside freakin’ like boostin’
I built my empire up like Lucious
Ayy gimme pounds, gimme bricks, I’m a nuisance
I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless
I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless
Yah, I get cash money like I’m Mack Maine
I just put a rapper b*tch on game
I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang
I just slam dunked ya b*tch hall of fame

He also had to deal with a TMZ reporter asking him where Future was when him and his wife were out on a date, which caused him to give a death stare to end all death stares.

Now that her cheating ways are behind her, Larsa says she forgives Scottie for filing for divorce and they can now move on with their lives.

TMZ has more details:

“It looks like Scottie and Larsa Pippen have come to a full reconciliation … letting everyone know their divorce is seemingly a thing to be left in the past.

Larsa posted a pic of the two Saturday and it’s got “happy couple” written all over it.

TMZ broke the story … Scottie filed for divorce from the former “Real Housewives” star back in October, but we’ve seen the two hanging out again recently. However, this pic seems to seal the deal … all is right again in the Pippen house. “

If you’re just here to look at photos of Larsa, we got you:

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