Michael Jordan Had His Jet Painted Like a Pair of Air Jordans (Pics)

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Michael Jordan proves once again that he’s the type of guy who’s had enough success that he can do pretty much whatever he wants when it comes to…well, anything.

He just commissioned a new private jet, and to make sure it’s not mistaken for anyone else’s ride, he got it painted in the same elephant print that adorned early versions of his Air Jordan sneakers.

It’s, uh, pretty damn cool.

Wow, Urban Camouflage? MJ upgraded planes and paint!

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(Note the Jumpman on the tail.)

As this pic of the rear notes, the paint is EVERYWHERE, even the gear doors:

MJ G550, crazy paint design all over, top, bottom, under wings, gear doors…..Painters Nightmare! A post shared by Scott Waters (@steelworksunlimited) on

MJ G550 head on, the pattern rolls underneath also…..

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There’s some fierce competition for the title of “Coolest Jet Ever,” but this has to be a contender, right?

It travels under the call sign MJ G550, which is also amazing.

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