High School Football Player Squats a Staggering 1,050 Pounds (Video)

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Texas high school football player Joseph Pena is going viral thanks to a video showing him squatting an insane 1,050 pounds, breaking his previous record by an equally-insane 75 pounds.

Here’s the video of the feat, which the school, Holy Cross of San Antonio, seemed to turn into a student event:

Here it is again, seemingly from a little closer in:

Need I say more ….. #1005

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It’s an impressive feat, but (time to rain on the parade) squats are predicated entirely on technique, and a 1,050-pound bad squat is no more impressive than a 600-pound good one. I’m not saying that Pena isn’t doing them right (the dude is clearly a beast), but when he’s surrounded by a half-dozen spotters and the act is being filmed from a distant corner of the gym, it’s a little hard to tell what’s going on.

In any event, I wouldn’t want to line up against this center on defense, that’s for sure.

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