Steph Curry Smack Talks Jaylen Brown After Buzzer-Beating 3; Proceeds to Score 0 Points in The 4th QTR (Video)


At the end of the third quarter Wednesday, Stephen Curry was feeling really good about himself after he knocked down a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to put the Golden State Warriors on top as they entered the 4th quarter. 

It’s rare to see this side of Curry and you probably won’t see it again after the 4th quarter he put up.

The Celtics proceeded to smother Curry and the Warriors, holding them to just 12 points in the fourth quarter and using a 15-0 run to distance themselves from Golden State.

As for Curry, he had 0 points and two turnovers in the fourth quarter as the Celtics on the game, 99-86.

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