Minnesota High School Hockey Players Have the Greatest Sports Hairdos on the Planet (Video)

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The Minnesota boys high school hockey tournament got underway this week in Minneapolis, and that’s excellent news for those of us who appreciate the majesty of a good hockey hairdo.

The Tourney, as the event is known locally, is one of the biggest sports events of the year in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The games are played at the Excel Energy Center. They’re on TV. They’re streamed online. It’s a big deal, because Minnesotans love hockey.

Minnesotans also love hockey hair, though. And in recent years the actual games have been overshadowed by the absolutely ridiculous hockey hairdos on display during the player intros. Every year some guy creates a video montage of the best hockey hairdos from The Tourney and calls it the All Hockey Hair Team. It’s an intentionally amateurish production, and every hockey player in North America watches it.

Of course, despite the fact that all the fuss over hairdos brings them a ton of free publicity, tournament officials hate it. They think it detracts from the actual hockey.

“That has absolutely nothing to do with our tournament,” MSHSL executive director Dave Stead told the Star Tribune. “It’s a guy who’s sitting in his living room taking photos off his TV set. My concern is for the kids and the tournaments.”

The hockey hair isn’t going anywhere, though. If Stead got rid of the player intros, or mandated that players keep their helmets on, there’d be a huge uproar and people would boycott the event. And rightly so.

Of course, since The Tourney doesn’t wrap up until Saturday, the 2017 All Hockey Hair Team has not yet been released. However, we do have a few tweets, plus a great feature from Fox 9 Minneapolis.

Take a look:


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Man, that is some good hair.

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