PSG Fans Heckle Players, Attack Their Cars As They Arrive Home After Epic Champions League Collapse (Video)

PSG Fans

A group of PSG fans greeted players at the airport on Thursday morning as they arrived home after their historic Champions League collapse. Unfortunately, these fans were not there to give the players a pat on the back and tell them better luck next time.

On Wednesday Paris Saint-Germain choked on a 4-0 lead in the Champions League Round of 16, losing 6-5 on aggregate to home side Barcelona and eliminating themselves from the world’s most prestigious club tournament.

On Thursday, a bunch of pissed off Parisian soccer hooligans waited for the team at Le Bourget Airport outside Paris. When the players finally arrived, the hooligans heckled them, threw stuff at them, and attacked their cars as they tried to leave.

“These individuals verbally insulted the players before vandalizing their cars,” PSG said in an official statement. “Several vehicles were damaged.”

“In this extremely hostile and aggressive climate, all vehicles were escorted to ensure the safe passage of the players, their families and club staff members. One individual was struck by a car trying to escape the crowd that was physically threatening the players and their families.”

The statement ain’t lying. Thiago Motta totally hit a dude with his car!

Check it out:

Soccer fans have no chill.

Hat Tip – [ESPNFC]

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