40th Annual Cape Town Cycle Tour Cancelled Due To Insane Winds Blowing Riders Off Bikes (Videos)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

A South African bike race was cancelled on Sunday and 35,000 riders told to go home because of wind.

Not rain, or hail, or lightning. Wind.

Of course, we’re not talking just any wind. We’re talking gales in excess of 60 mph that knocked riders off bikes, left others struggling to keep their bikes from flying away, and actually blew some riders down the street.

It all went down at the 40th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour, an international road race in Cape Town, South Africa. The city is known for its strong winds that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean. The specific winds even have their own names—the one that wreaked havoc on Sunday is known locally as “The Doctor.” However, this is the first time that they’ve ever had to cancel the Cycle Tour because of wind.

The decision was made 21 kilometers into the 109 kilometer race.


David Bellairs, the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s marketing director, said the decision was made to avoid “potential fatality.”

Judging from the insane video, they made the right call. Check it out:

Luckily no serious injuries were reported so we can all laugh at how surreal those images are.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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